Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse is a specialist Bavarian wheat beer brewery with a range of modern German wheat beers. Founded in Munich by Georg Schneider in 1872, the brewery is still owned and managed by sixth-generation Schneider family brewers. Schneider Weisse beers are a masterful marriage of Bavarian brewing tradition with creative flair. The range spans a multitude of flavours, colours and strengths – plenty for the craft beer connoisseur to explore.

Widely regarded throughout the beer world for their quality and flavour, Schneider Weisse beers are hand-crafted according to traditional methods from Bavarian ingredients. Almost all raw materials come from the nearby Hallertau region, the uplands of Franconian ‘Jura’ and the area near Munich called ‘Straubinger Gauboden’.

Traditional open-top fermenting vessels allow the yeast to breathe and develop soft, multi-faceted flavours in the beer. After fermentation, the beer goes straight from the tank into bottles without any filtration or heating, ensuring no ounce of flavour is lost. A small amount of yeast is added to the bottle to allow natural carbonation to develop and flavours to continue to mature and mellow.

Are you wondering where to buy Schneider Weisse beer in the UK? At Beers of Europe, we stock eight varieties of Scheider Weisse beer. A great place to start is the well-known Tap 7 Original Hefeweizen – brewed according to the original recipe from 1872, Schneider Weisse’s flagship wheat beer is well-rounded and uber-drinkable.

Prefer something a little stronger? Why not explore the world’s first Weizen Bock, Tap 6 Aventinus. Revered throughout the craft beer world, this dark, 8.2% ABV Weisse is bursting with complex dark fruit flavours and a spicy chocolate aroma.

Finally, craft beer fans and those who prefer a hoppy beer should sample Hopfenweisse – developed in collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, this self-confessed ‘hop bomb’ packs an explosion of aromatic, citrusy flavour at 8.2% ABV.