Although Spain is traditionally known as a land of wine drinkers, more and more people are beginning to drink beer instead. It is thought that this is down to the fact that the country has seen a large number of microbreweries open, particularly in areas like Catalonia. These microbreweries are helping the industry to grow and transform. The microbrewery owners are getting more creative with hop combinations and spices, giving Spanish beer a unique flavour that it has lacked in the past.

Beer festivals in Spain
One of the most popular beer festivals in Spain is the Barcelona Beer Festival. It is an annual meet up for all craft beer enthusiasts and has been known to attract over ten thousand visitors. There are over three hundred different beers to taste, including both local beers and beverages from other countries. It is thought that around fifty five of these beers actually come from the microbreweries based in Catalonia. As well as getting to sample some of Spain’s finest beers, visitors can also listen to lectures from local experts and learn more about Spain’s drinking culture.

Spanish fiestas and sporting events
Every year hundreds of fiestas, carnivals and parades take place in Spain. Often they celebrate religious holidays like Christmas and Easter. These colourful and lively events would not be complete without a vast spread of traditional Spanish tapas, jugs full of fruity sangria and ice cold beers.
Traditionally alcoholic beverages like sangria and beer would be consumed at sporting events like bull fighting. However more recently Spain has clamped down on drinking alcohol in public and many regions in Spain have now banned bull fighting due to animal welfare controversy.

If you are looking for the best selection of Spanish beers then you have certainly come to the right place. With both traditional favourites and unique offerings, we are sure you will find something that takes your fancy from our fantastic selection of alcohol from Spain.

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