Cold Town Beer

Cold Town Beer, an esteemed craft brewery located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. They are passionate artisans, known for creating exceptional beers that marry traditional brewing methods with a modern twist.

Cauld-Toon Hill Inspiration: Inspired by the historic Cauld-Toon Hill, the brewery takes its name from this iconic landmark. "Cauld-Toon" translates to "Cold Town" in Scots, reflecting the brewery's deep roots in the heart of Edinburgh's rich history and culture.

"Brewed by Us, Picked by You" - Beer for Everyone: Cold Town Beer stands as a beacon for inclusivity with its ethos "brewed by us, picked by you." This slogan encapsulates their dedication to crafting beers that cater to a wide audience. They brew with passion, offering a range of Flavors and styles for everyone to enjoy, ensuring that there's a Cold Town beer suited for every beer lover's taste.

Doddie Beir – Charity Initiative: In addition to their inclusive approach, Cold Town Beer stands out for its philanthropic endeavor, Doddie Beir. Named after Doddie Weir, a Scottish rugby legend and fundraiser for Motor Neuron Disease (MND) research, this special beer allocates a portion of its sales towards MND research and supporting affected individuals, embodying Cold Town Beer's commitment to giving back to the community.

Cold Town House – Exclusive Taproom Experience: Adding to their allure, Cold Town Beer hosts the unique Cold Town House, an inviting taproom situated on the historic Grassmarket in Edinburgh. This vibrant space is where all new beers are initially trailed and tested before brewing on a larger scale. This experimental approach allows the brewers to get incredibly creative with the beers, introducing diverse and unique flavours to tantalize beer enthusiasts. Everything offered at Cold Town House is exclusive to this venue, making it a hub for beer aficionados seeking novel and exclusive brews.

Cold Town Beer's rich heritage, inspired by Cauld-Toon Hill, and its fusion of quality, innovation, community support through initiatives like Doddie Beir, dedication to making "beer for beer's sake," and the exclusive and innovative approach at Cold Town House, ensures a delightful and inclusive experience for all beer enthusiasts.

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