Sri Lanka

Despite spending centuries living under Buddhist principles and not drinking alcohol, Sri Lanka is now known as one of the top ‘boozing’ countries in the world. As well as producing a fantastic selection of beers, they also make traditional drinks from coconut palm sap, which certainly have an acquired taste!

The Sri Lankan beer market
The first brewery to be opened in Sri Lanka was the Lion Brewery owned by the Carlsberg Group. It grew from humble beginnings to become one of the country's leading producers of beer with a market share of 86%. Although beer is a popular drink in Sri Lanka, it is often seen as expensive due to the high excise task. Recently the Sri Lankan government banned alcohol companies from being able to advertise their products to the public.

Drinking traditions in Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka they have full moon days, known as ‘Poya days,’ where abstinence is practiced. These full moon days bear religious significance to Buddhists and are devoted to prayer and meditation. Due to these religious practices, places selling liquor and meat (like hotels and bars) are usually closed. Entertainment places like cinemas and casinos also shut for the day.

Fun facts
Did you know that the longest ever beer snake was created at a Sri Lankan cricket match? Beer snakes are often made by people in the crowd at long duration sporting events like cricket. They are made from empty plastic beer cups and have been known to exceed a length of one hundred metres!

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