Top Beer PIcks For Valentines Day

Top Beer Picks For Valentines Day

LOVE IS…  A Romantic Night In Sharing A Bottle or Two!

What better way to say “I Love You” and showing your loved one that you care than by sending something special from Beers of Europe!

It Started With A Beer…

Deep Love from O Brother

OBrother Deep Love

O Brother Deep Love is an IPA from an Irish craft brewery called O Brother and is a limited release from the Off the Wall series.

Deep Love is deliciously juicy, fruity and light, made from a biscuity Maris Otter and Irish Pale malt fermented with Vermont yeast.  A harmonious marriage of the complex, spicy, citrus character of the Azacca (tangerine, pineapple, mango), tropical and citrus from the Amarillo (think orange and grapefruit) and luscious tropical hits of passionfruit and peach from the superstar Galaxy. O Brother Deep Love is soft, medium-bodied and dangerously drinkable!… How Deep is Your Love!  Buy Here>>

Have a Wild Night with Wild Stallion from Wildcraft Brewery!

Wild Craft Wild Stallion

Wildcraft Brewery is situated in the heart of Norfolk and was born out of a love of great ales and a desire to experiment with flavours. All their beers are brewed with natural ingredients that can be found growing in the wild.

Wild Stallion Smooth Stout is a stout full of body and character. Fuggles hops add to its earthy goodness and provide light bittering that compliments the coffee, chocolate and barley hints, making it a stout for every occasion… especially Valentine’s night!  Buy Here>>

Fancy A Nibble!… Moon Gazer Nibbler Ruby Ale

Moon Gazer Nibbler

NIbbler Ruby Ale is a fantastic ruby ale, a perfect treat for your Valentine! 

Brought to you by The Norfolk Brewhouse, this lovely ruby ale has malty overtones, rich, spicy aroma and is full-bodied, Nibbler will not disappoint. For a 4% beer, this beer has a huge amount of complexity from the malts and a depth of flavour, blending as it does the finest Maris Otter barley along with chocolate and crystal malts as well as a touch of wheat.

What’s in a name? –  the hare stops rushing as he nibbles on the grass with his loved one by his side x
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Our Heart Beat As One!… One Beating Heart from O’Brother Brewery

O Brother One Beating Heart

O Brother Brewery has excelled themselves again with this delicious porter, another limited release from the Off the Wall series. 

A big, luscious beer with rich deep dark chocolate, burnt caramel, roast coffee and dark fruit notes. One Beating Heart has a big body brewed with a blend of Maris Otter, Chocolate, Caramalt and Crystal malts with roasted barley for complex coffee notes. Buy Here>>

Kiss Me Quick! x   Kiss The Sun from Anarchy Brew Co. 

Anarcy Kiss The Sunn

Kiss the Sun is a 5.3% Abv incredibly tasty Belgian Pale Ale. With notes of creamy caramel and delicious toasted malts and a subtle spicy taste with real gentle bitterness, Kiss the Sun is yet another cracking craft beer from Anarchy Brew Co. This is also Vegan Friendly x
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And finally, you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without Chocolate!

Organic Chocolate Stout by Samuel Smiths Brewery

Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout

Brought to you by the oldest brewery in Yorkshire, Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout is made with gently roasted organic cocoa extract and has a delicious, smooth creamy character, with deep flavours and a delightful finish, all from totally natural ingredients. The perfect combination of satisfying stout and luxurious chocolate…. perfect!  Buy Here>>