Mothers Day Gifts

Stuck For Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? Look No Further!! 


Mother’s Day has changed through the years, starting out as an opportunity for our middle ages ancestors to return to their ‘mother church’ on the 4th Sunday in Lent for a service. Later this became a day off for domestic servants to visit their mother church, usually with their mothers and wider family. For many families it was a rare occasion for them to be together given their working commitments, especially those in service. It was traditional for the children to pick flowers on their way home to give to the church or their mothers. 


The previous two years have made celebrating with our mums quite a challenge and Covid is still a serious consideration for many when planning their celebrations. Whether you are able to safely face to face or are celebrating at a distance, our mums collectively deserve some TLC. This year, Mother’s Day falls on the 27th March and it is time to think about how you can let them know just how much you love them! 


If you have been wondering what you could get your mum this year that is a break from the usual Mother’s Day Gift Ideas look no further than Beers of Europe. The team has carefully selected (and tasted) the best of the best in Mother’s Day Gift Ideas so you can delight and surprise your nearest and dearest. Don’t forget that we can take care of your beer delivery too. 


This special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas blog highlights just eight of our beers and wines from our Mother’s Day collection, with a little something for everyone. If you would like to browse more of the extensive selection of beers, wines or spirits, please visit the Beers of Europe. 



Mother’s Day Beer Gifts 

Here are some top recommendations for your beer loving mums. We’ve got something for the fruit beer enthusiast, the connoisseurs of British beer, and an eclectic medley from the continent for our Euro beer buffs (perfect for bringing back memories of holidays or as a springboard for planning one). 


British Overtures 


Vocation Pride and Joy is a taste sensation from Vocation Brewery and would make a cracking gift for the mums that love a fruity beer, with flavours and aromas of mango, citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit and blueberry. Vocation Pride and Joy beer is a pale, crisp, hoppy and aromatic delight, which we are happy to report is also suitable for vegans. 


Adventures in Europe


For those mums who like a touch of spice with their fruit flavours, Ter Dolen Kriek beer, brewed in Belgium, is the perfect choice. It is brewed with sour cherry juice, two varieties of hops and one variety of malt and wheat. The result is a sweet, fruit beer finishing, with spicy notes, including coriander and orange peel.  


From Belgium, we make the short hop (pun intended) to Germany for our next recommendation, Hacker Pschorr Münchner Gold a sunshine filled Helles lager, with an enticing malty aroma and soft bitterness. A hint of spice can also be found in this malty Mother’s Day treat, with soft, doughy malt flavours mingling with subtle earthy hops. 


Taking us to Spain next, is the Alhambra Especial, a beer with an all natural pedigree. The Alhambra Especial is a high quality lager made with 100% all natural ingredients. Bringing not only a full refreshing flavour, but also a bright golden colour, with an intense aroma of malt and hops. Sunshine, holidays and happy memories will all flow steadily with this Mother’s Day Beer gift! 


Mother’s Day Wine Gifts  

Raise a glass and celebrate Mother’s Day with a delicious glass of wine or Prosecco. Whether it is a gift in its own right or as an accompaniment to that special Mother’s Day meal, to properly celebrate and toast those awesome mums, a glass of something special is required. Here are four of our top picks from our Mother’s Day Wine Gifts list for 2022.  


Exotically Floral 


Sauvignon Blanc de Purcari has a well defined, fresh and fruity taste; with a well-balanced acidity Just like your mum, this wine is said to be like a skillfully polished diamond – full of verve! The bright golden colour harbours an invigorating aroma, citrus-rich, with grapefruit and lime accents, complemented by exotic fruit notes and subtle floral hues. 


Greek Heaven 


Take a trip to a sun drenched beach and a Greek taverna with Apelia Black Label, a medium-sweet red wine with fruity cherry aromas, honey sweetness and a hint of vanilla. Any mum would welcome the gift of Apelia Black Label this Mother’s Day, a perfect accompaniment for a dreamy desert or chocolates. 


Italian Dream 


Treat your mum on the 27th March with a bottle of Jack Rabbit Prosecco DOC. For the mums that love Prosecco, this gift will be a sure fire winner. It has a super chic elegant bottle design and label – everything that you would expect from the Italians! Taste wise, every glass of Jack Rabbit Prosecco DOC is bursting with peach and apricot flavours, with just a hint of sweetness.  


Strawberry Sundae 


Lindisfarne Strawberry Wine is a real treat, jam packed with natural strawberry flavour with endless possibilities. This English fruit wine is delicious served chilled, but you can also switch it up and mix it with soda, tonic water or lemonade and fresh fruit for a refreshing summer drink. Lindisfarne Strawberry Wine offers a taste of the long summer days to come and will be loved by mums who like a sweet wine, a spritzer or wine cocktail. 


View the full range of Mother’s Day Beer and Mother’s Day Wine gifts on the Beers of Europe website.