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So what exactly is stout beer, and why should you try it? According to beer connoisseurs, the definition of stout is a dark coloured, top-fermented beer that’s usually made with roasted malt or roasted barley, along with the traditional beer ingredients of hops, water and yeast. These beers have a distinctive malty taste that’s sometimes likened to coffee.

What brands are stout beer? Perhaps the most famous of all these dark beers is Guinness, an Irish dry stout that has been brewed since the late 18th century. People often ask whether Guinness is a stout or a beer – the answer is both, since stout is a type of beer. When Guinness was first brewed it was labelled as Extra Stout Porter, “porter” being the traditional word for dark beer, and the word “stout” in those days meaning strong. In 1820 Arthur Guinness shortened this to Extra Stout, and the rest is history.

These days, stouts are available in a vast array of varieties, including:

Milk stout: stout that contains lactose, adding sweetness and body

Oatmeal stout: stout that contains up to 30% oats leading to a more bitter and smooth taste

Oyster stout: made with a handful of oysters in the barrel or with oyster concentrate

Chocolate stout: stout with a dark chocolate flavour, sometimes with chocolate flavouring added

Imperial stout: stout with a high alcohol content and a very dark colour, originally exported to Russia

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