Here at Beers of Europe we pride ourselves on having the widest selection of European and international beers around, and with plenty of Dutch beer to choose from we think you’ll find just what you’re after. But first, an overview…

The Dutch beer market
The Dutch beer market is largely dominated by multinational companies, with Holland being the home of Heineken, Grolsch and Bavaria. These brewing giants easily take the lion’s share of sales with Heineken accounting for some 50% of the market, and given it’s the world’s third largest beer brewer that figure certainly isn’t surprising. Then there’s the export side of things—the Netherlands exports the largest proportion of its beer in any country in the world, approximately 50% of overall production, and considering the fact that the main breweries are so well known it isn’t hard to account for this level of exportation.

But, despite the giants holding the market share, it doesn’t mean that local varieties can’t be found. There are several other large breweries that operate from the Netherlands as well as around 45 microbreweries and brewpubs, and luckily those numbers are expanding all the time. This injects some welcome variety into the mix, and some parts of the country even have their own distinctive style of beer to offer something different to the norm with seasonal and special varieties (such as witbier and bock) starting to take hold.

New breweries tend to focus on top-fermenting beers, similar in style to Belgian varieties, and there are even some examples of British-style ales and lagers. Then, of course, there’s the Trappist brewing tradition. The Netherlands is home to one of the seven traditional Trappist breweries with the Koningshoeven Brewery creating the internationally-recognised La Trappe, offered in a range of different varieties, meaning there’s far more to Dutch beer than pale lagers. Want to see for yourself? Then take a look around and see what Dutch beers you can uncover!

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