Beers of Europe is proud to stock the best German Beer brands as well as hidden gems and tasty newcomers. Some of the world’s finest beers come from this corner of the globe and the amber nectar at the centre of Germany’s culture. So much so, that they have an ancient law called Reinheitsgebot that protects its purity: beer is only considered a true beer if it is produced using the classic ingredients water, hops and malt.

Why is German beer better? This nation of beer connoisseurs, boasts a range of beer that is both varied and delicious. There are so many beers that according to the German Brewer Foundation a person could try a new German beer every day for 15 years. If you want to do that, online beer shop Beers of Europe is an excellent place to start; choose next day delivery for top beer brands like Paulaner or Erdinger, or try out something new; we have dozens of German lager varieties for you to taste.

What exactly makes German beer different, apart from its world-famous brands? For one thing, German beers are divided into “top fermented” and “bottom fermented” which really refers to the strain of yeast and the temperature used to produce them. Darker and more bitter ales are produced through top fermenting and lighter lagers are produced by bottom fermenting. Beer consumption habits are also different; in Germany, beer is often consumed with a mixer which opens the beer drinker to a world of possibilities when it comes to flavour and strength.

What is the oldest German beer? Germans have been making beer since as early as the eighth century AD, when monks referred to it as “liquid bread”. Germany’s Weihenstephan Abbey is said to be the oldest known brewery in the world, making its brand of beer, Weihenstephaner, the oldest known commercially produced beer.

No discussion of Germany’s beer would be complete without mentioning Oktoberfest. The world famous beer festival now has events taking place internationally, but the original festival will always be in Munich and runs for 16-18 days every October. It’s one of the best and most lively places to try German beer there is. As for the second best, you’re looking at it.