Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier

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  • Germany
  • Weihenstephaner
  • Wheat Beers
Sub Style:
  • German Kristalweizen
  • Bottle
  • 5.4%
Bottle Size:
  • 500ml
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The title of the oldest brewery in the world is in the hands of Weihenstephaner, founded in 1040 on the Weihenstephan hill north of Munich in Freising. The brewery has operated for almost 1000 years. Along with some of the world’s most knowledgeable brew masters, it has produced an excellent range of beers, all in accordance with the German Reinheisgebot which has helped it to secure numerous awards internationally for its products as well as being appreciated by connoisseurs in over 30 countries worldwide every day.
Your grasp of the German language does not have to be fluent to translate ‘Kristall Weissbier’ into Crystal Wheat Beer, which differs from normal wheat beers because it has the yeast filtered out of the beer, removing the haze and then resulting in a wheat beer that is crystal clear. Golden yellow in colour, the fresh citrus from the hops are well balanced by the clove and banana tones from the malts. It has a very clean taste and refreshes instantly. Weihenstephaner call this the breweries speciality and it is easy to see why. Pairs effortlessly with fish, seafood and other light dishes or just enjoyed solely as an aperitif.

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