Ayinger Brauweisse

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  • Germany
  • Ayinger
  • Wheat Beers
Sub Style:
  • German Hefweizen
  • Bottle
  • 5.1%
Bottle Size:
  • 500ml
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Ayinger is a brewery with a 130 year history, and everything it has learnt in that time is evident in each and every one of its brews and the Ayinger Brauweisse is no different. German wheat beer has always been very popular and has been known as an elixir to certain people, even better with the brewer’s yeast creating a haze in the beer.

The Ayinger Brauweisse is about 60% wheat malts and 40% barley. It is cloudy yellow in appearance, with the brewers yeast doing its job perfectly. It has a substantial sized head with a fragranced aroma of the yeast and distinct banana aroma. The first sensation is a full bodied beer with a lively yet light sparkle from the carbonation. It has an immediate lemon and vanilla taste with slight spices and malts coming through. It has honey and tart flavours in deeper notes and is balanced expertly.

It should be served in a weizen glass, with an optional slice of lemon. With regards to food it can be served with traditional German foods such as sausage, pretzels and light dishes such as salads. The Ayinger Brauweisse is a benchmark for the style.

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