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Augustiner Edelstoff is a helles beer that is crisp, refreshing and bright gold in colour. This is a world class beer that’s made with only water, barley and hops, in accordance with German purity laws. Drinkers can expect understated notes of cut grass, herbs, sweet malts and a moderate level of bitterness. Combine this with its light bodiedness and delicate carbonation, and you have all the makings of a fantastic lager with a smooth mouthfeel.

This Munich-style Helles beer is a great accompaniment to southern German such as cuisine soft pretzels, German sausages or salads. The “Helles” type of beer gets its name from the German word “Hell” meaning light or pale. Where is Augustiner Edelstoff from? The brewery that brews this lager is considered to be Munich’s oldest independent brewery and was founded in 1328 by Augustinian monks. This means not only are you drinking a fine lager, you’re also sampling an authentic piece of German history.

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  1. Eddie R

    I’m a big fan of this beer.

    It has a lovely deep lager flavour, which isn’t buried under and alcohol flavour as can happen with some beers moving into this higher alcohol content bracket.

    It’s a more full, rounded, flavour overall than I find I get from most beers of this style and it’s one of the beers that “travels” best, tasting just as good from the bottle as it does from the barrel in Munich.

    Best drunk at “back of the garage cool” (assuming you have a cool garage) but also stands up to a good refrigerating.

  2. Stujago

    I preferred this helles to the standard Augustiner helles. It has a bit more bite and flavour to it. Typical German helles. Pale straw colour, not too fizzy with a malty sweet taste. The head disappears quite quickly. Very sessionable, light, clean, crisp and smooth. Can’t lose really. 4.25/5

  3. Richard Martin

    A stronger helles than the standard Augustiner make, but the same crispness of taste. The extra strength makes it seem just a little sharper, but a very clear aftertaste. Pours well with a generous head, but not too fizzy and so very easy to drink.

  4. Maximilian Evans

    My Dad loves this beer. A good taste and an easy drinker for a hot day.

  5. Gareth Roberts

    Good old style German Lager

  6. Rob Lewis

    Good alternative to the Helles Lager of Augustiner. Excellent, refreshing and solid quality – basically what we’ve come to expect from German beer. Recommended.

  7. Steven Allen

    A typical helles lager, plenty of hopps and a malty finish. What sets this apart is that it’s not as harsh with the hopps as most helles. It’s a lager with plenty of taste, a perfect complement to curry or chillie!

  8. Marcus Wellings

    A great tasting beer crisp and refreshing with a hoppy aroma a top quality German beer you will not be disappointed

  9. DW

    An absolute cracker of a beer.

  10. Sheila Robison-Hedges

    Augustiner Edelstoff is my favourite beer from Munich and Beers of Europe stock it !
    It’s usually in stock at a reasonable price. They’re delivered quickly and efficiently despite issues fuelled by Brexit & Covid the orders arrive well within time proposed on order.
    If I have any negative it’s that the boxes for 24 bottle shipments should be a little more robust.
    Prost 🍻!

  11. Vincent Hughes

    Its on the expensive side, but this rates as my favourite beer at present and has been for some 4 years now. Its surprisingly light in colour, but packs a total mouth taste that you can fell all around the gills and more. A bit fruity, and a fine aroma and yet for its alcohol percentage, delivers its wares in a smooth manner. Great beer!

  12. Dean Griffiths

    Munich beer at it’s best. You really can’t fault anything from the Augustiner brewery.

  13. Paul C

    An excellent strong Augustiner lager.
    Cool,crisp and refreshing with a malty aftertaste.
    Smooth and easy to drink ,top quality all round.
    Already reordered.

  14. Mike G

    This is one of my favourite lagers and, in my opinion, is superior to the standard Augustiner Helles.

  15. Steve Lee

    Currently, I think, my favourite lager. I don’t know if the ‘Export’ tag means much, but this is subtly different from most other Helles beers in that it is slightly sweeter and maltier. It’s smooth in texture and has a creamy head when poured, I also love the traditional shaped bottles which Augustiner beers come in.

    If, like me, you’re not a big fan of the recent fad for over-hopped beers, this is definitely worth a purchase,

  16. Neil C

    A lovely strong lager and definitely up there with the standard Augustiner Helles.

  17. Mick Moore

    Difficult to choose between this and the Helles. Subtle but distinct difference in the taste. One of my favourites.

  18. Jens

    It’s a close call, but I prefer this over the lower alcohol Helles – both being in the very top league of lager style beers. While the Helles may be more of a summer drink, this Edelstoff goes down perfectly all year round.

  19. Richard Davison

    This is the first time I’ve tried this and to be honest I didn’t know what to make of it at first, but after a few bottles (on different days I hasten to add) I started tasting what all the positive reviews were about, there’s a definite smooth sweetness to it, It has a nice crispness to it and I’m ordering some more when I finish writing this. If you’re wavering about buying it go for it you won’t be disappointed.

  20. Sean Mc

    Still one of my favourite beers even after first drinking it some twenty-odd years ago. Smooth and golden looking, with a crisp, clean flavour that makes me sink into my seat and relax. Also, easy to drink, too, for a strong beer. Highly recommended.

  21. Colin Addison

    Lovely golden beer, very refreshing and crisp, very drinkable. Pretty much perfect!

  22. Kris

    Can’t go wrong with a classic German pilsner that is this clean and crisp mighty brew

  23. Richard

    This beer is as good as it gets!

  24. Steve T

    One of the best examples of a Bavarian Helles. A great combination of strength and crisp taste make it very drinkable.

  25. Steve Plummer

    Just about the best bottled German lager on the market. Smooth – full rich flavour – serve ice cold. Exactly what is expected of a class beer.

  26. Paul Boniface

    This lager is a classic. Brilliantly crafted, well balanced, easy to drink. Superb

  27. Christine Saunders

    Very nice beer, smooth and great taste, no after taste will recommend

  28. Tom Harris

    An absolute classic of its genre, “Edelstoff”, which roughly translates as “Noble Material” (it really does, I’m fluent in German!), is light, crisp and delicious. The Augustiner brewery dates back to at least 1328 and is Munich’s oldest independent brewery. With almost 700 years of expertise behind them, their beers are all of excellent quality and, for me, Edelstoff is their best brew. If you haven’t ever tried it yet, I thoroughly recommend that you do – you’ll probably love it too!

  29. Neil Ward

    For me Augustiner is perhaps the best traditional German brewery there is, at least from Munich anyway! Edelstoff is a very nice lager which I very much recommend, although I prefer it draft rather than bottled hence only 4 stars.

  30. Chris Meechan

    Another great lager from Augustiner, one of Germany’s finest breweries.

  31. Richard O'Callaghan

    Excellent lager from Augustiner – a real delight to drink!

  32. Steve Cook

    The BEST German beer.
    Always order this one ready for the summer.

  33. Ian Singleton

    Great product at a good price. Smooth and a delight to drink.

  34. Carolyn Baskerville

    Better than the Augustiner Lagerbier Hell


    This is one of the great beers of the world. Worth drinking at any time.

  36. William McKay

    Only my second order. The quality of the beer which is excellent is matched by the quality of price and delivery. Brilliant service.

  37. Rowan Jonathan Clarke

    Augustiner Edelstoff is one of Bavaria’s finest beers. Brewed by on the one of the six Breweries which serves the Munich Oktoberfest, it is a beer that is well worth trying.

  38. Ian Singleton

    Excellent Beer., very smooth. Great service.

  39. Luke Manley

    A nice change from the Lagerbeir Helles – you can’t go wrong with either. A classic.

  40. Jamie K

    Along with the Helles one of the best beers I have ever tasted. I actually prefer this over the helles mainly due to the stronger flavours. Great great beer and a solid go to

  41. Russell Castley-Adams

    Overall smooth and drinkable, slightly malty balanced by a touch of bitterness. Light body with a crisp, lingering clean finish. Would like to try the Helles next.

  42. jack lyons

    augustiner never lets you down the best bavaria has to offer