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What’s the definition of a spirit? Spirits are alcoholic drinks made by distilling. Different spirits are produced by distilling different ingredients. For example, drinks like brandy are made by distilling fermented fruit juices. Gin and whiskey are made by distilling fermented grains. Vodka is made with wheat distillations, and absinthe is made with herbal distillations. Spirits like these are usually consumed either “straight” (i.e. poured straight from the bottle, sometimes over ice), with mixers like tonic water, or else in cocktails. The alcohol content of a spirit can be as low as 20% or as high as 80%, with most falling somewhere in the middle.

Which drinks are spirits and what are the basic spirits? There are dozens of spirits being made around the world, but the most commonly consumed ones are vodka, gin, brandy, tequila, whiskey, and rum. Some countries have their own signature spirits, for example Greece has ouzo, Japan has sake and Ireland has poitín. At Beers of Europe, we stock the world’s biggest brands and most popular spirits, including Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan and Absolut. Choose your favourite spirit right here and get it delivered today!

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