Syrups & Cordials

Syrups and cordials are an essential ingredient in many cocktails and mixed drinks, and can really spice up the flavour of something ordinary. From fruity, zesty flavours right down to rich caramels and traditional aniseed and peppermint, there’s a whole rainbow of cordials to choose from. If you want to up your game when it comes to flavours, then you can’t go wrong with our selection of syrups and cordials.

What’s your favourite flavour? The huge range of syrups available at Beers of Europe is sure to have you covered. Our fruity flavours grow on trees, from the classic orange and cherry right down to exotic kiwi, green banana and guava.

These are an essential ingredient in many summery cocktails:

Elderflower syrup jazzes up a gin and tonic for summer in a glass
Coconut and melon syrup, mixed with pineapple juice, rum and a splash of lemon juice make the perfect Long Pineapple Cocktail
Strawberry syrup with a dash of unusual Bubble Gum syrup combines with cranberry juice and orange to make a Sherwood cocktail

Or simply experiment to find your favourite!
Flavoured syrups and cordials can also be added to soft drinks for some unusual fizz, as well as being the perfect addition to coffees and hot chocolates. Gingerbread, vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon and butterscotch are tried and tested examples which can add a warming flavour to hot beverages during the colder months.

Our range of syrups and cordials is the perfect way to get adventurous and try a few new flavours – some are also available in sugar free to add a little sweetness with less of the sugar. Simply browse our online catalogue to stock up on your syrups!