Looking for a fruity spirit available in all sorts of exotic flavours? Well then, Schnapps is definitely worth a try. This spirit is great in both shots and can be mixed, resembling a fruity gin or vodka. Beers of Europe stocks a huge number of flavoured schnapps produced all over the world, so if you want to try something new, you’ve come to the right place.

Schnapps basics
“Schnapps” is German for snap, often used to mean a shot, particularly of spirits over 30% ABV. It can also mean any strong alcoholic drink. The fruity flavour is central to the personality of any schnapps. It’s a distilled spirit made by fermenting fruit with a base liquor, normally brandy. This makes it different to other liquors which add the fruit after the distillation process is finished. The schnapps production process means the spirit is stronger and often clearer, giving you high ABV and a bit of a fruity punch.

Schnapps of course is synonymous with fruity flavours. Popular in Switzerland, southern Germany and the French region Alsace, the main kinds of fruit used are pears, apples, plums and cherries; the Austrians also enjoy apricot schnapps called Marillenschnaps. Apples and pears make Obstwasser, plums make Zwetchgenwasser and cherries produce Kirschwasser. All of these are actually eaux de vie, a type of fruit brandy, though they have all acquired their own German names.

It not just a European drink either – American schnapps is also popular, if a little different. These are a syrupy drink produced by mixing grain alcohol with fruit flavours, producing anything from 15 to 50% ABV. If you’re looking for exotic flavours, these are the ones to go for; anything from banana to blackberry, strawberry to cinnamon and chocolate. These can be drunk as shots but are also an ingredient in a huge number of tasty cocktails.

How to drink
You won’t need to be hitting the pint glasses with schnapps; many connoisseurs use tulip shaped glasses or a brandy snifter. They’re normally drunk as a digestif after a meal, especially after wine has been served.

So, if you think schnapps might be your thing, take a look at our huge variety to find the right flavour for you. Stick to the classics or get inventive and try something new – with Beers of Europe, all your schnapps-related dreams will come true.

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