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With the start of January comes the flurry of New Year’s resolutions with people using them as a way of tackling bad habits and achieving those goals they want to reach. From weight loss to taking control of finances. It doesn’t escape the alcohol industry with the introduction of Tryanuary and Dryanuary.  So what are they and how do you get involved?

Tryanuary is a nationwide campaign to champion local beer, under the premise of trying something new throughout the month. Founded in 2015 as a way to support independent breweries, pubs, bars and other retailers through the month of January.  Here’s our pick of 5 locally produced drinks that we think you need to try this January. You’ll see we’ve included more than beer as we think these are simply too good to keep quiet about:

1 – Humpty Dumpty Norfolk Broads A Winter’s Tale
At 4.1% abv, A Winter’s Tale is an easy drinking black ale brewed with a rich blend of coloured malts and packed with fruity US hops. Part of the collaboration series, it is brewed by the Humpty Dumpty Brewery, The Beehive and The Vine.

2 – Black Shuck Gin
Black Shuck Gin is a premier Norfolk gin which continues to grow in popularity. Truly an original, it is made with a blend of juniper, coriander, orange peel, Norfolk lavender and sea buckthorn.

3 – Moon Gazer Amber Ale
Moon Gazer Amber Ale is a full bodied bitter ale with malt and fruity overtones.

4 – Wildcraft Expery-Mental The Wild Side
The Wild Side is a gluten free cranberry saison. Wildcraft were looking to create something quintessentially Christmas but not something that others have already done. The ideas of chocolate and orange were pushed to one side with the idea of cranberries in its place. Cranberries make a wonderful side to roast turkey and add a beautiful orange tint to the beer with a slightly tart edge.

5 – Norfolk Gin
Founded in 2014, Norfolk Gin is handcrafted from a secret recipe. The unique combination of botanicals with traditional production methods creates a truly sensational flavour with a delicate green tint.  A bathtub gin in style, it is smooth and aromatic, almost floral yet balanced with fresh citrus notes.

Dryanuary is a public health campaign that was set up by Alcohol Concern and first occurred in 2013. It urges people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January, encouraging a healthy start to the year after the festive period. Alcohol Concern cites 67% of participants reporting more energy, 50% lost weight, 71% slept better and 88% had more money in their pockets.  Sounds good doesn’t it? If you would like to give Dryanuary a whirl without feeling as though you are missing out having a beer, here’s our pick of 5 alcohol free beers for you to try:

1 – Free Damm
Free Damm is a clean and sparkling amber beer with glints of gold. Hops take centre stage in the clean and intense aroma with hints of white flowers. Delicately flavoured with hints of grain and toast.

2 – Karamalz
One of Germany’s most popular drinks, Karamalz is made with a natural combination of barley malt, maltose, hops and pure brewing water with some carbonation. Malty with a slight bitter hop flavour which is naturally sweeter than beer but most enjoyable when drunk cold.

3 – Mahour Laiker
Mahou Laiker, also known as Mahour Sin, pours a medium golden in colour. It is light bodied with a faintly sweet malt aroma with a hint of herbs.

4 – Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free –  with the same aromas and flavours as Ghost Ship 4.5% – still offering 100% of the taste 0.5% abv, a mere 21 kcal per 100ml – a great tasting beer for those counting calories!

5 – Rinkuskiai Non Alcoholic Lager
Rinkuskiai Non Alcoholic Lager is a lager style beer, with hop bitterness balancing nicely against the malty sweetness. Exceptionally refreshing.

Whether you go Try or Dry, we’ve got a selection of over 5000 products to help you on your way.