Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free

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  • Adnams
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  • Low Alcohol
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  • 0.5%
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  • 500ml
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Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is a pale ale that’s fruity and aromatic with a citrus flavour. Beer connoisseurs call it “a solid non-alcoholic beer, with a lovely aroma and body and a decent flavour.” This beer is dry hopped, meaning additional hops are added after fermentation. It’s brewed with pale ale, rye crystal and cara malts along with citra and other U.S. hops. Its distinct lemon and lime aroma means it tastes great with spicy cuisines.  Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is a low alcohol version of Adnam’s 4.5% beer, Ghost Ship. The two beers are very similar in taste, with the low alcohol version smelling slightly more intense. Is Ghost Ship alcohol free? This variety of Ghost Ship has an alcohol content of 0.5% which means, although it can legally be classified as alcohol free, it does contain a tiny trace of alcohol. If you’re watching your waistline you’ll be interested to know that this brew contains 21 calories per 100ml. Another very common question: is Adnams Ghost Ship vegan? This alcohol free version of Ghost Ship is suitable for vegans, however, the full strength option may not be if it comes bottled or canned.  One of our fantastic range of Halloween Beers.


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