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New Zealand Beer Month

New Zealand Beer Month: Discover Three of New Zealand’s Hottest Breweries 

February is New Zealand Beer Month! We introduce you to three of the country’s most exciting breweries – complete with our selection of their must-try beers.

What is New Zealand Beer Month?
New Zealand Beer Month is a month-long celebration of antipodean ales across the UK. Throughout February, the spotlight is on the latest creative and forward-thinking brews coming out of New Zealand.

What’s so special about New Zealand Beer?
New Zealand has a vibrant beer scene, with over 200 breweries – double the number of breweries per capita than London! The explosion of craft breweries in New Zealand took off around 2012, and their beer scene has been growing and innovating ever since.

Craft beer from New Zealand definitely has its signature style, with many brews featuring native ingredients – from locally grown hops and barley to native fruit and other additions. That quirky Kiwi spirit comes through in unusual twists on classic beer styles, in vibrant, artistic packaging.

If you’re new to the New Zealand brewing scene and wondering where to start, we’ve got you. We’ll introduce you to three of our favourite Kiwi breweries, complete with a list of recommended brews to get you started on your journey down under.

1. 8 Wired Brewing 
One of the first on the scene of the New Zealand beer revolution in 2009, it wasn’t long before 8 Wired brewery was crowned Champion Brewery at the Brewers Guild Awards in 2011. Alongside a core range of uber-hopped IPAs, Saisons, porters and stouts, 8 Wired has one of the largest barrel-ageing and sour beer programmes in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Try These Beers from 8 Wired

8 Wired Hippy Berliner

8 Wired Hippy Berliner 330ml
The lovechild of a Berliner Weisse and an IPA, Hippy Berliner offers up juicy fruit flavours from the New Zealand and American hops, with a thirst-quenchingly sour zing. Sessionable at 4% ABV, this bold yet light beer will have you reaching for sip after sip. Buy Here>>

8 Wired Lamponi

8 Wired Lamponi Can
It’s hard to say no to a raspberry sour, and the addition of oregano, basil and thyme in 8 Wired Lamponi takes this sour pale ale to another dimension. Akin to the Italian combination of strawberries and basil, the freeze-dried herbs add outstanding depth and complexity to this beer. Buy Here>>

8 Wired Yes Sensei

8 Wired Yes Sensei! 330ml Can
You daren’t say ‘no’ to this punchy little American Pale Ale. Stuffed full of Columbus and Ella hops, Yes Sensei! is piney and herbaceous with dank juiciness for perfect balance. Buy Here>>

2. Deep Creek Brewing Company
Deep Creek Brewing Company started out life as a brewpub in Brown’s Bay, Auckland in 2011, before moving to their current brewery site in Silverdale. Deep Creek received international recognition after winning Champion Small International Brewery at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards for their high quality, adventurous and ever-evolving range of beers.

Our Recommendations from Deep Creek

8 Wired Lagerita

Deep Creek Lagerita Sour
This lime sour beer is the brewery’s take on a Margherita, with salt, dehydrated limes and coriander seeds in the brew. Sharp, dry and tangy, at 3.8% ABV this is a superbly refreshing sour – perfect with spicy food, or grilled fish. Buy Here>>

Deep Creek Haze

Deep Creek Haze
With all the hazy, juicy deliciousness of a NEIPA yet at just 4.7% ABV, this ‘Hazy Pale’ from Deep Creek brings delicious flavours of stone fruits, mango and orange in a sessionable package. Buy Here>>

Deep Creek Lotus

Deep Creek Lotus Pale Ale
Winner of a Gold award at the New Zealand Brewers Guild Awards in 2017, Lotus Pale Ale is balanced with a fruity, New Zealand hop character and low bitterness – the ideal easy-drinking pale ale for every day sipping. Buy Here>>

Deep Creek Under Current

Deep Creek Undercurrent Pilsner
One of Deep Creek’s most highly decorated beers, including Best International Lager at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2019, Undercurrent Pilsner is an antipodean twist on the classic Czech pilsner. The brewers have switched out Czech hops for New Zealand hops and upped the dose, for a more intense hop flavour and enticing aroma. Buy Here>>

3. Urbanaut Brewing Co.
Based in Kingsland, Auckland, Urbanaut’s beers are all inspired by the urban hotspots they’re named after. The brewery was founded in 2017 by Bruce Turner, a 13 year veteran of London breweries Fuller’s and Meantime. Urbanaut brews beers for the worldly explorer, drawing inspiration from the urban environment and unique vibe of each beer’s namesake. 

Top Picks from Urbanaut

Urbanaut Red IPA

Urbanaut Gastown Red IPA
Inspired by Gastown, Vancouver – an edgy suburb featuring a trendy food and drink scene – Urbanaut Gastown Red IPA perfectly balances fruity malt character and intense hop bitterness. Pouring a ruby red colour, irresistible aromas of toffee and caramel mingle with citrus, grapefruit and lychee from the hops.  Buy Here>>

Get Exploring!
So there you have it – we hope you enjoy tasting some of our suggestions. Don’t see anything you like? Why not check out our full range of New Zealand beers.