Mixed Cases

If you’re looking to sample some of the world’s best beers then Beers of Europe is the place to come. And, if you want a great selection to get started with, our mixed cases are a brilliant option. Our pre-selected cases of beer offer you a taste of different countries and regions, or you can choose one that offers an eclectic world tour. Simply browse our selection online to make the best choice to suit your taste buds!

Our range of beers is truly second to none. It’s a real worldwide affair, with traditional favourites as well as more exotic varieties – from America to Japan, Turkey to Vietnam, if you can name it we’ve probably got it. We’re always updating and refreshing our range to bring you the best selection possible. Beers of Europe is the place to come if you’re passionate about your beer.

If you just can’t decide on which of our many beers or lagers to try then our mixed cases are a great option. Available in different sizes of 12 or 20 bottles, you can choose from eclectic international mixtures to a selection of the best beers from some of our favourite beer- producing countries. Some of our popular cases include Scottish, Belgian, UK and American collections, bringing you the best hand-picked examples which show off what the country has to offer.

Not only are these cases a great way for you to sample some new flavours, but they also make an imaginative and unusual gift for any beer connoisseur. Our mixed cases will broaden your beer horizons so you can get adventurous and work your way through our huge selection of beers, lagers, ales and more.

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