Wheat Beers

Buy wheat beer online from Beers of Europe – with over 120 different wheat beers to choose from. As the name suggests, wheat beers are brewed with wheat malt instead of barley, but there’s a wide range of styles available within the wheat beer category – from Belgian Witbier, German Hefeweizen, Berliner Weisse and many more. Explore our range of wheat beers from around the world today, delivered straight to your door. We also have the best selection of world beer of all styles, along with spirits, wine, homebrew and branded glasses.

Let’s start with the basics – what is the difference between a wheat beer and regular beer? Beer is traditionally made with barley malt, whereas wheat beer is brewed with a significant amount of wheat. For example, German Weissbier contains at least 50% wheat malt. The wheat malt changes the flavour, colour and texture of the beer, so you can easily spot a wheat beer once you know what you’re looking for.

So how is wheat beer different? Firstly, it tends to be naturally hazy owing to proteins found in wheat – added to this, many wheat beers are unfiltered. Wheat malt also gives the beer a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

If you’re looking for a good wheat beer, Germany and Belgium are the best places to start. German wheat beers include popular styles such as Hefeweizen. This Bavarian beer style is characterised by aromas of banana and clove – which actually come from the specialised yeast strain used in the brew.

Belgium’s most popular wheat beer is known as witbier, or white beer, because of the hazy white colour it takes on when chilled. Belgian witbiers tend to be brewed with raw wheat and commonly have added ingredients such as orange peel, coriander or other spices.

Our selection of wheat beers also includes some more unusual styles of wheat beer. Berliner Weisse is a naturally low ABV, sour wheat beer from Berlin, with a tart and refreshing flavour. A fan of darker beers? While most wheat beers are light in colour, try a ‘Schwarz’, or Hefe Dunkel, for a rich, roasty wheat beer with complex, dark fruit flavours.

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