Trappist beers are brewed by Trappist monks within the walls of a working monastery. If you’re wondering where to buy Trappist beers, Beers of Europe stocks an excellent selection of authentic Trappist beers in a broad range of styles. Explore them all, from lighter, easy-drinking Trappist ales, to strong, complex Quadrupels.

Not just any beer can call itself ‘Trappist’. To be recognised by the International Trappist Association, the beer must fit three conditions. Firstly, the beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery by monks – or under their direct supervision. Secondly, the brewery must be of secondary importance to the practice of the monks.

Finally, the brewery must not be profit-making – it can support the living expenses of the monks and the upkeep of the monastery, with any additional profit donated to charity. Only thirteen monasteries around the world meet the criteria to be recognised by the International Trappist Association.

What does Trappist beer taste like? Most Trappist breweries produce four main top-fermented ale styles in a range of strengths. From the easy-drinking Enkel/Single, through Dubbel, Tripel, and finally with Quadrupel at the upper end of the scale, often coming in at 10-12% ABV with a rich, complex flavour. Whether you prefer a lighter, mid-strength or stronger, fruity ale, Trappist beers have a reputation for high quality and meticulous brewing standards.

Wondering how to drink Trappist beer? Trappist ales are traditionally served in a chalice glass or goblet. The glassware gives these special, expertly crafted beers the presentation they deserve, showing off the white fluffy head that these beers are known for. The wide rim allows the drinker to appreciate the full spectrum of aromas as they rise from the beer.

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