The doppelbock is another member of the fabulous bock beer family. Literally meaning ‘double bock’ a doppelbock is a stronger and maltier version of the traditional bock. Historically, the doppelbock was sweet and strong, and it still is today, ranging between 7-10% ABV. At Beers of Europe, you will find the doppelbocks you would expect to find from Germany, but you can also enjoy doppelbock beers from Spain, Poland and Austria.

One tale has it that the Pauliner friars needed something a little stronger than a bock to get them through the fasting days of Lent. The Paulaner Brewery is still making the Pauline Salvator, so Brother Barnabas must have hit on a winner. The original brewers named their doppelbock ‘Salvator’ and modern day doppelbock brewers often add ‘-ator’ to their beer’s name to signal their style.

The doppelbock beer pours clear, and can be anything from dark gold through to dark brown. Ruby highlights can be observed in darker variations of the doppelbock. As with other beers a higher alcohol content, head retention can be limited, but it does have a large and creamy head. The doppelbock presents a deeply malty aroma, with notes of toast, and some darker versions offering chocolate or fruity elements. There is little, if any, detectable hops.

Mouthfeel of a doppelbock should be smooth, with moderate to full body presentation along with moderate to low carbonation. Whilst there may be a degree of alcohol warming, there should be no element of astringency. Ideally, doppelbock beers look and taste their best when served in one of the following; a mug, pilsner stange or tulip glass.


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