Once mocked by beer-drinking connoisseurs for being largely commercial and lacking credibility, American beer is enjoying something of a revival. The Budweisers and Millers of the world (although enjoying a huge fan base themselves) are being joined by ales from micro-breweries and craft beers that are hugely respected and packed full of flavour, with people the world over sitting up and taking notice.

Brewing tradition
America actually has a long and illustrious history of beer-making with the oldest brewery dating back to 1829, with craft beer being produced differently to so-called “real” ale—it’s brewed in kegs rather than being left to ferment in casks, and it’s this that gives it its unique flavour. Prohibition affected production but the recovery started in the 1970s with the legalisation of home brewing, and this is where a lot of microbreweries began.

The revival
But, it’s only in the last few years that American brewing has really expanded. There are now some 2,100 breweries in the States, up from barely 50 in the 1980s, with these small, independent and traditional producers creating some of the most exceptional craft beers around. According to figures released by the Brewers Association exports of American beer rose by 72% in 2012 alone, and these days you’ll find every self-respecting bar having a craft beer (or several) for you to choose from. Isn’t it time you got in on the action?

Tempt your taste buds
We may be Beers of Europe, but we know a decent beer when we see one—no matter where it’s from. That’s why we’re proud to offer the widest selection of American craft beers in the UK, boasting well-known names as well as a few unusual surprises, so take a browse through our exceptional range and be a part of the American revolution.

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