Trinidad and Tobago

Although Trinidad and Tobago is famous for its rum, beer is also a very popular alcoholic drink. The country’s first commercial brewery was founded after the First World War and brewing techniques were heavily influenced by the British. Although wine and liquor is also available, it is not as popular with the locals. This may be because the majority of wine is imported, as the country does not have the right climate to grow grapes. Trinidad’s beer tends to have a sweet, nutty taste and their rums are often mixed with coconut water for a long drink, or consumed as a shot, chased with a beer.

Trinidad and Tobago beer festivals
The T&T drinks festival is a celebration of the country’s beer, spirits and wine. They usually give the event a theme, such as ‘Souk’ which is the Arabic name for an open-air marketplace. All of the leading beer distributors get involved in the festival, showcasing their finest offerings. As well as getting to learn about and sample various beers, visitors can also watch amazing dance performances and view the fantastic art on display around the grounds.

Trinidad and Tobago carnival
The Trinidad and Tobago carnival is an annual event that is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is a celebration of culture, with live music, dance performances, traditional food and a lot of Trinidadian beer! It is a colourful, lively event that certainly attracts the attention of many tourists.
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