Nigeria is home to a number of breweries which are scattered across the country. They produce several kinds of traditional liquors and beers including palm wine and Nigerian Guinness. Nigeria prides itself on its traditional alcohol brewing techniques which have been tweaked and adapted over the years.
Although the consumption of alcohol is less popular in Northern Nigeria, due to its heavy Islamic cultural influences, it is very popular in the South where it is consumed at family get-togethers, weddings and sports events.

Traditional Nigerian brewing techniques
In the late 1980s legislation banned the importation of grains like barley malt in Nigeria. This meant that Nigerian breweries had to find an alternative way to make their beer. After much consideration they decided to adapt their brewing techniques so that they could make beer purely from Sorghum, which is usually found in the northern parts of the country. Despite concerns that consumers would not want to drink this new type of beer made from malted sorghum, there was little difference noticed in beer sales. Once legislation was relaxed, the breweries decided to combine un-malted sorghum with imported barley malt (to create the necessary enzymes) in order to produce their traditional alcoholic beverages.

Popular alcoholic beverages in Nigeria
One of the most popular drinks in Nigeria is palm wine, a tart beverage made from palm trees! Nigeria is also known for its production of Guinness. There are a total of four Guinness breweries in Nigeria which produce a variation of the traditional Irish Guinness. The stout is much stronger and creates a darker, more intense beverage. The taste can be described as a little bitter and nutty. Whereas Irish Guinness is around 4.2% Nigerian Guinness is a whopping 7.5%!

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