Krombacher Pils

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  • Germany
  • Krombacher
  • Lager/Pils
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  • Pilsener
  • Bottle
  • 4.8%
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  • 500ml
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Krombacher started off the same way many German breweries have with an innkeeper who just brewed a beer to make a living, completely unaware that he is starting a chain of events that results in a beer that would be admired around the world centuries later.The first mention of the Krombacher Brewery is in 1803, family run and with a reputation that began to spread through the towns and villages as far as Cologne. The next century brought an industrial revolution to Germany, bringing new technologies, new methods of distribution and, more importantly, new customers to try the delights of Krombacher.

1890 was an important year for the company with their signature Krombacher Pils entering the market. It is still brewed to this very day. This style is brewed using 100% light barley malt as well as Hallertau hops and the key ingredient is the mountain spring water that is obtained directly from local springs at the foot of the Rothaargebirge Mountain. It is this water that creates the unmistakeable taste that Krombacher has offered for over 120 years. It appears golden yellow in colour with a fine-poured head and weighs in at 4.8%. The hops lend their scent to the pleasant and full bodied aroma and the carbonation creates a refreshingly smooth taste on the palate. Its ideal serving temperature is 7°C and it pairs well with meat dishes or perfectly on its own.

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