Bollinger Rose

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  • France
  • Rose Wine
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Bottle
  • 12%
Bottle Size:
  • 750ml
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Bollinger Rose Champagne is a lovely French pink Champagne that has been modelled after the well-known Bollinger Special Cuvee.

This Champagne has a brilliant fine mousse along with fine fruit flavours that gives an air of finesse. To create this elegant Champagne Reserve, Bollinger use wines from older vintages as well as Grand Cru vineyard red grapes, which are added to the mix to give Bollinger Rose Champagne its layers of complex but delicious flavours.
The appearance of Bollinger Rose Champagne is the first thing that hits you with it continuous stream of bubbles which really stand out of due to its vibrant pink colour. Following the sight the next thing to notice is the smell of fruity redcurrants, cherries, wild strawberries along with a hint of spice that is similar to those used in Special Cuvee. With a pink Champagne like this, the flavours of red fruits are particularly detectable and are well balanced with a natural acidity level which is followed by a long and creamy finish.
Like all Bollinger Champagnes there is a depth and intensity to Bollinger Rose Champagne so it is a Champagne to be enjoyed, not just drunk.

We recommend that Bollinger Rose Champagne is best served as an aperitif due to its unique flavours however it also makes a nice accompaniment to seafood dishes or fruity desserts.

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