Pitu Cachaca

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  • Brazil
  • Cachaca
  • 38%
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  • 700ml
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Pitu is a Brazilian spirit made of pure sugar cane. It is also known as “sugar can schnapps” and is the national drink of Brazil, where it is usually drunk neat, as Caipirinha, or mixed with fruit juices.

Pitu is produced from pure sugar cane. It should therefore not be compared with white rum, which is manufactured from sugar cane leftovers such as molasses. Pitu only uses the best, most selected sugar cane, distilled and processed to the highest technical standards. The harvested green sugar cane is shredded into small pieces, the chaff removed and the product then mashed.

After the mash has been fermented for about fourteen days, it is then distilled so that the distillate has a high level of alcohol content. The full bodied, typical tart taste of sugar cane can still be tasted at this level of alcohol content and is an outstanding quality characteristic in Pitu. A remarkable 10.5 pounds of the sugar cane raw material goes into each bottle of Pitu, giving it its unmistakeable “single variety” fruity, dry taste.

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