Top Ten Gin Black Shuck

Top Ten Black Shuck Blush Gin

Top Ten Gin Black Shuck Blush

On Beers of Europe’s Top Ten Gin List is definitely the Black Shuck Blush Gin and the rest of the range are not far behind.  Whether it be the Black Shuck Sloe, Passion or the Navy Strength Ignite the choice is incredible and the quality and taste top class!

Black Shuck

How did the journey begin?

Patrick and Sarah Saunders launched their family run business in 2011 with their award winning Black Shuck Sloe Gin.  Since then the Black Shuck range has flourished and is now recognised all over Norfolk and beyond.

Black Shuck Gin 

The arrival of the legendary Black Shuck Gin in 2015 heralded a new era for Gin lovers old and new.    In August 2017 Black Shuck continued to lead the way with the launch of their limited edition Blush Gin infused with Rhubarb and Strawberry. 

Black Shuck Passion

The Summer of 2018 saw the arrival of Black Shuck Passion Gin.  On numerous occasions members of the ever-expanding Black Shuck Tasting panel were summoned to Black Shuck HQ to taste test an extensive selection of trials.  The recipe and methods changed many times before all were in agreement that Passion Gin was ready for you.  It goes without saying that this sophisticated Gin has been distilled with an abundance of patience, precision and of course Passion.  Available in both a 70cl and 35cl bottle.

Black Shuck Ignite

Black Shuck’s Navy Strength Ignite Gin arrived in the Autumn of 2018. 
At 57.15% abv Black Shuck Ignite delivers a Gin that is outrageously smooth and unapologetically bold. The ever-present Juniper is balanced with the warming Sea Buckthorn and citrus notes.  Ignite Gin is perfect for sipping.  Available in 70cl & 35cl bottle.

What is a Navy Strength Gin?

It is alleged that during the 18th century Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, of the Royal Navy, administered a concoction of gin and lime to help immunise the crew against illnesses such as scurvy and malaria.
Subsequently, some 300 years ago, legislation was passed requiring every British Naval ship to carry on board a quantity of Gin for medicinal purposes.  It has been said that on the call “up spirits” sailors would report to the deck where they would have been offered up to 100ml of spirit (that’s four measures) every day.

What is in store for 2019?

Black Shuck Vodka

The Black Shuck Team do not sit still and this year they have already launched their Black Shuck Vodka, distilled from Sugar Beet and at 43% vol the Black Shuck premium strength Vodka retains the spirit’s characteristic smoothness.  It’s velvety finish and sweet, vanilla tones make it equally suitable for sipping and mixing. 

Serving Suggestion: Chill your glass with several cubes of ice.  Pour one measure of chilled Black Shuck Vodka and add three measures of your favourite Lemonade.  Garnish with a slice of lime.

Black Shuck Sloe Gin in a New 70cl Bottle:

Black Shuck Sloe Gin

The Black Shuck Sloe Gin is simply a delicious Sloe Gin, lovingly blended using handpicked Norfolk Sloes and Black Shuck Gin.  First bottled in 2012, Black Shuck’s award winning Sloe Gin uses real Norfolk sloes steeped in Black Shuck Gin resulting in a deeply delicious and full flavor Sloe Gin at 27% vol.  Also available in a 35cl bottle.

Serving Suggestions:  Fill a hip flask with Black Shuck Sloe Gin and enjoy a sip or two whilst walking,  or try –

Shuck’s Fiz
Prepare a glass with cubes of ice.
Pour over 50ml of Black Shuck Sloe Gin.
Add 100 ml of Prosecco
                       Sit back and enjoy!

What is Black Shuck?

According to English folklore, Black Shuck, a large ghostly spirit dog with malevolent flaming red eyes, has haunted the East Anglian countryside for hundreds or even thousands of years.  Many sightings have been recorded particularly along the coastlines, dark lanes and footpaths.
As with all legends, stories of Black Shuck have been told, exaggerated and retold resulting in as many variations of the legend as there are varieties of Gin.

It has been suggested that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle took inspiration from Black Shuck when writing the classic thriller, Hound of the Baskervilles.  In 1901 Sir Arthur returned from South Africa suffering from Typhoid Fever.  Whilst recovering, he and his companion, Bertram Fletcher Robinson, took a golfing holiday in North Norfolk. They stayed at the Cromer Links Hotel and visited Cromer Hall where Doyle and Robinson, a collector of strange myths and local legends, would undoubtedly have heard chilling tales of the fearsome Black Shuck.   

Black Shuck Gin