Top Ten Christmas Beers from Beers of Europe

Savour the Festive Season with Unique Christmas Brews: A Celebration of Flavours

The holiday season is upon us, bringing not just merriment but also a delightful array of speciality Christmas beers that tantalize the taste buds and evoke the spirit of the season. Breweries across the globe have crafted unique brews, each with its own story and flavours to complement the festivities.

1. Bonsecours Blonde de Noël (Belgium)

Brewery: Bonsecours Brewery
This Belgian delight captures the essence of Christmas with its spicy notes, hints of caramel, and a subtle touch of bitterness. It’s a well-balanced, golden ale perfect for those seeking a traditional yet refreshing holiday brew. Available here>

Bonsecours Blond de Noel

2. Nightmare of Brew York 2022 Can (United Kingdom)

Brewery: Brew York
A rich, dark ale with robust flavours of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malts, this beer is a bold choice for the winter season. Its velvety texture and warming notes make it an ideal companion for cosy evenings by the fire. Available here>

3. Dreams of Brew York 2022 Can (United Kingdom)

Brewery: Brew York
Embrace the festive cheer with this smooth and creamy stout. Laden with vanilla and lactose, it offers a delightful sweetness akin to a festive dessert. Its velvety texture and hints of seasonal spices make it a delightful treat. Available here>

4. Gordon’s Xmas Ale (Belgium)

Brewery: Gordon Finest Beers
Content: This Belgian ale boasts a rich amber hue and a malty character complemented by fruity undertones. Its warming effect and slightly spicy notes make it a splendid choice for a cold Christmas night. Available here>

5. Greedy Goose (United Kingdom)

Brewery: Hook Norton Brewery
A golden ale with a fruity aroma and a hint of honey sweetness, this brew delivers a balanced taste with a refreshing finish. Its light body makes it a versatile choice for festive gatherings. Available here>

6. Christmas Crack (United Kingdom)

Brewery: Humpty Dumpty Brewery
An amber ale with a blend of spices and hints of citrus, Christmas Crack embodies the essence of the holiday season. Its well-rounded flavors and festive aroma make it a delightful addition to any celebration. Available here>

7. Snowshoe (United Kingdom)

Brewery: Moon Gazer Brewery
Snowshoe is a winter ale that embodies the spirit of the season. Brewed with a blend of malts and subtle spices, it offers a rich, smooth taste with notes of caramel and a hint of seasonal spices, making it a perfect accompaniment to festive gatherings. Available here>

8. Nice Chouffe 330ml (Belgium)

Brewery: Brasserie d’Achouffe
Nice Chouffe is a Belgian Strong Ale with a deep ruby colour and a delightful combination of spices, fruits, and hints of caramel. Its complex yet balanced flavours make it an ideal choice for savouring the holiday season. Available here>

9. Merry X-Moose (United Kingdom)

Brewery: Purple Moose Brewery
Merry X-Moose is a festive amber ale that exudes the warmth of Christmas. With its malty sweetness, hints of caramel, and a touch of spice, this beer delivers a comforting and satisfying experience for the holiday season. Available here>

10. Santa’s Hop Sack Hazy Christmas Orange IPA (Norway)

Brewery: Amundsen Brewery
This Norwegian IPA captures the essence of Christmas with its hazy appearance and bursts of citrusy goodness. Infused with orange zest and festive spices, it offers a refreshing twist to traditional holiday beers. Available here>

These captivating brews, originating from different corners of the world, bring a unique flair to the festive season. Whether you’re drawn to the comforting richness of a winter ale or the zesty excitement of a citrus-infused IPA, these Christmas beers promise to elevate your holiday experience all available from Beers of Europe.