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The Edith Cavell Ale

The Edith Cavell Ale
Originally Posted on Aug 11, 2015
The Edith Cavell Ale is a special ale that has been produced by Wolf Brewery to honour a WW1 nurse who helped 200 British soldiers to freedom during the Great War.
Edith Cavell was a WW1 nurse. She cared for wounded soldiers from both sides of the conflict whilst working in a Belgian hospital and saved the lives of British soldiers, ensuring they reached neutral Holland. However, once the occupying Germans were tipped off they arrested and executed Edith Cavell for treason in 1915.
The Edith Cavell Ale has been created to mark the 100th anniversary this year since her death and forms part of the Edith Cavell Centenary Appeal. The Edith Cavell Ale is a hoppy, thirst quenching beer with a fruity currant finish.  Both Beers of Europe and Wolf Brewery will be donating 5p from the sale of each bottle to support the work of Cavell Nurses Trust.

The Cavell Nurses Trust was established in 1917 and they are proud to maintain Edith’s legacy in their work. They give welfare support to nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and students who are in financial or personal hardship, this can be because of illness, domestic abuse, disability, working poverty and older age.  To find out more about their work visit the Cavell Nurses Trust website.  For more information about the Edith Cavell Centenary Appeal, which includes the Edith Cavell Ale and a Gala fundraising dinner, click here.