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No or Low Beer and Cider: Not Just For Dry January!

No Low Beer and Cider: Not Just For Dry January! 


The no or low alcoholic drink is a niche product no longer, as brewers recognise that increasing numbers of us are looking for variety and great tasting no or low drinks, for those occasions when we might be the designated driver or are simply choosing to consume less alcohol at that time. 


BBC Business News recently reported on how the market for no or low is set to boom big style. A recent survey by YouGov found that a third of those questioned semi regularly choose a no or low option.  Interviewed by the BBC, Mark Meet CES of IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, said:  “This is not just a Dry January thing, this is an all year round phenomenon and you get three consumer types really. You get those that are looking to moderate their consumption. You get people who don’t drink at all for either health or religious reasons. There is a whole new  generation of drinkers coming onto the market who absolutely drink less than their parents and so the drivers for growth for this category are changing consumer patterns.” 


Beers of Europe have long been purveyors of no and low beers and ciders, with currently 89 beers and 9 ciders available – you would be hard pushed to find such an extensive selection elsewhere. There are some new editions to the collection and here is your guide to our top picks. 


No or Low Beers 


Sunshine IPA 


Thornbridge Early Bird is a fresh, zingy and flavour packed low alcohol IPA. This beer really promises sunshine and hints or spring. It is packed hops from Australia and New Zealand to conjure up notes of gooseberry and grapefruit, which are complemented by stunning floral undertones. Early Bird has an enticingly dry finish with hints of lemon. Just perfect for enjoying with friends at the end of the day. 


Pale Ale Pleaser 

Locher Appenzeller India Pale Ale Alkoholfrei is a delicious cloudy, wheat beer, made using malted wheat and top-fermenting yeast, which is specially stored and convinces with a pithy, tangy flavour and pleasantly discreet hint of hops. The brewery recommend this beer to accompany green salads, poultry and soups. 


Light Touch 

Saltaire Northern Light offers low alcohol (0.5% ABV), but guarantees 100% flavour. A pal and inviting beer, with a light lemon scent that achieves balancing a citrusy bitterness that you can enjoy over and over. Saltaire recommend Northern Light as a great pairing with most food, however they really rate it with fried snack! 


Fruit Fancy 

Billed by brewers, Steigl, Steigl Zitrone Alkoholfrei is a mixed beer drink, which not only wows the taste buds, it also comes with a super low calorie count too – just 24 calories per 100ml. With is straw-coloured appearance, natural cloudiness and the best lemon juice, Still Zitrone tea a real, fresh and fruity taste experience. The feather-light tartness, combined with a delicate tingling, ensures graceful and fragrant refreshment. 


No or Low Cider 

Whilst there are fewer new faces in the no or low cider line up, here is our favourite newbie and our current favourite crush! 


The High Life 

New to Beers of Europe, Hogan’s High Sobriety lives up to its name; high on flavour and low on alcohol. This cider is medium dry, light, refreshing and gently sparkling. Hogan’s High Sobriety is made using the same authentic pressing processes as Hogan’s other amazing award-winning ciders, just without so much alcohol. Stacked with plenty of tannins the result is a spectacular tipple. Fermented with a Champagne yeast, this low alcohol cider has the added bonuses of being vegan friendly, gluten free and lower in calories than many other ciders at just 18.4 calories per 100ml. 


Country Rose 

She may not be now, but the shine has not dulled on this low alcohol cider! Pulp Rosé Low Alcohol Craft Cider is a low alcohol Herefordshire cider. Pulp Cider crafts modern, fresh cider, using the traditional skills which have been passed down through generations of cider-makers. Coming in at only 0.5% ABV, Pulp Rosé Low Alcohol Craft Cider is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy the full flavour of a pink cider, without the alcohol. A sparkling delight, with a fruity, apple flavour! 


No or low beer