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Gluten Free Beer What Is It?

Gluten Free Beer What Is It?
Originally Posted on Jan 15, 2016
Quite simply gluten free beer is beer that’s made not using glycoprotein. The main purpose of gluten free products including gluten free beer is to allow those people with coealic disease which is a gluten intolerance to have access to products without worry of cause problems to their health. Even in tiny amounts gluten can start major symptoms in those that have coealic disease. Because of the increased awareness of this disease in recent years some breweries, including Hepworth & Co Brewers, have started brewing gluten free beer for those who cannot take glycoproteins into their system.

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Before we get into gluten free beer you might be asking yourself “what is gluten?” In short, it is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Many of us out there might be surprised to learn how many products actually have gluten in it from wheat products like bread, and pizza, to products that you might not think would contain any like malt vinegar, soy sauce and, of course, regular beer.
So what is gluten free beer? Quite simply it’s a beer that doesn’t contain any form of glycoprotein. A brewery that produces gluten free beer is required to test for gluten in their beer and record the levels using the measurement of parts per million otherwise known as ppm. This ppm measurement allows the brewer to determine whether or not the level of gluten in the beer is safe or not safe for coeliacs.
One thing that those with gluten intolerance should be aware of is the fact that the class of gluten free can differ depending where you are in the world. This is best shown when you compare the UK to Australia. In Australia they don’t allow any trace of gluten in their products to be classed as gluten free whereas the UK products are allowed 20 ppm to still get classed as gluten free. Due to these different laws in different countries and depending on your level of gluten intolerance/coealics do check whether or not you should be more careful when travelling from country to country.
We’ve been over the reason why some people need to avoid gluten and for a good reason but why are so many people choosing to go gluten free if they don’t have to? For some time, there were articles and discussions suggesting that going gluten free or being on a gluten free diet would helps you lose weight and help skins be clearer.

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Unless you have a gluten intolerance, there is little evidence to suggest a gluten free diet with have this effect. With so many products containing gluten, there can be side effects with going gluten free and people find that they have to change their diets completely, eating healthier foods, often having to avoid convenience and junk goods, and generally living a different way of life.
One thing we should point out while going gluten free can have the benefits of choosing a healthier option, e.g. more fruit, it is worth remembering that some gluten free products do contain more sugar or fruit than their gluten counterparts.
A gluten free diet, even if you don’t suffer with coeliac disease, is of course a personal choice but we think it is is better to consume a varied and balanced diet, including gluten, to make sure that you are as healthy as can be. Whilst gluten free products are primarily there for those with gluten intolerance, gluten free products can, of course, be enjoyed by all.
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