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Whatahoot Gin

Where is Whatahoot Gin Made?

Distilled by WhataHoot in the heart of Norfolk, the gin is enjoyed around the UK as something totally unique. Norfolk Inspired Gin that is ultra-smooth and deep in its flavour profile.

Every bottle of WhataHoot Dry Gin is lovingly created, infusing the perfect blend of botanicals with distilled Norfolk Water, for a unique and refreshing flavour.

What Ingredients are In The Gin?

Whatahoot Gin

Combining traditional botanicals including juniper, coriander and citrus. WhataHoot Dry Gin is a artisan gin full of citrus in the begining with a hint of orange and finishing with the iconic Norfolk flavours of sea samphire and lavender. The gin is full of family, love, laughter and  good times.

Whats your Hoot?

Whatahoot Gin


Started by husband and wife team, Jason and Nicky, with their son Ethan, the family set out to create a lifestyle business, where they could share their passion with their customers and create something unique for them to enjoy. They settled on gin!

Where is Whatahoot Gin Based?

With a keen interest in distilling, they purchased a still and, knowing they wanted to build a product firmly rooted in Norfolk, they looked to the surrounding countryside for flavour inspiration. It wasn’t hard to come up with a signature WhataHoot Dry Gin with hints of local lavender and samphire, and they are always on the look-out for new and refreshing combinations to grow their range of flavours. 

How do Gins Get There Names?

Whatahoot Gin

So the name? A life-long love of the barn owls which inhabit the skies in Norfolk was reinforced when the family stumbled upon the home for their business – a traditional barn formerly inhabited by owls on the Sandringham estate, itself a bird sanctuary. And it seemed fitting therefore to use the owl’s calling card as the calling card for the company. After all – it is all about having fun and entertaining – the very definition of WhataHoot!  As owner Jason Crown says “We have fun drinking it, why not have fun making it!”.

Q & A With Whatahoot

Q: Who are you/what do you do?
   I’m Ethan, I run the Marketing and keep all our new customers happy, I organise the tasting events, and any instore activities, and I’m chief in charge of washing and filling bottles!

Q: How did you get into this line of work? (where did you learn to make gin?)
Sounds funny but from speaking to distillers and the internet

Q: What was the inspiration for starting the distillery?  
An utter love for gin and a passion to make a Norfolk inspired Classic gin, but have fun with the brand along the way, through our social media, our events and a passion to create our own hoot!

Q: Where do you see, or hope to see, the distillery in 5 years’ time?  
The Distillery in 5 years’ time will be distributing Gin to the whole of East Anglia and giving people so much enthusiasm, love and enjoyment for a good time!

Whatahoot Fruit For Gin

Q: Are there any other distilleries which have influenced Whatahoot?  
No way! We are carving our own path, obviously we have drawn on ideas which we like but ultimately decided we don’t want to be like anyone else!

Q: The craft beer movement seems to be going from strength to strength. Why do you think brewing been such a great success in recent years?  
Change of law means that craft distilling has become accessible to more people than just beefeater or Bombay and the fact that gins are all so different means that the buzz is incredible. There’s so much choice and people are collecting gins much like they are collecting whiskeys, each one for their own story and their own flavour!  

Q: What do you see as the latest gin styles to look out for in 2019? 
Fresh, Citrus, Classic hints. Being biased but much like WhataHoot, I’d like to see people move away from fruit gins and appreciate proper classic gins, for the subtle mix of gin and tonic that they are.

Q: Many distilleries are experimenting with adding unusual flavours to their gins. Are there any you think work well together and are there any you would like to try? 
Hootfruit allows the consumer to decide what flavour they want to taste more of, so I think we will be sticking with WhataHoot for a while longer yet!

Q: Looking ahead, what new stuff can we expect from WhataHoot?  
LOADS! Did someone say Gift Packs? 😉

Q: What is the best part of your job?
Getting to have fun every single day and meet so many amaziingggg people!

Q: What was your first drink and where were you when you had it?  
A :
Desperados, beer mixed with tequila on my 18th birthday, Never Ever Again.

Q: If you have to pick (we know, tough choice!) which would be your top three beers in the whole world?
I’m a big fan of Belgium beers (when I’m not drinking gin), but I also like some classics,
London Pride
Brugges Zot
Steenbrugge Dubbel Bruin

Q: You are stuck on a desert island, what three things are you taking with you? 
 GIN (it’s medicinal you know!)

Whatahoot Gin and Hoot Fruit is available in store and online here.