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Free Beer Guide From ‘There’s A Beer For That’

Free Beer Guide From ‘There’s A Beer For That’
Posted on Aug 16, 2016 by

There’s A Beer For That’ is a campaign that promotes the quality, versatility and diversity of beer. There’s never been a better time to enjoy beer, in Britain alone there are 1,700 breweries producing 12,300 beers across 140 different styles.
With such an amazing array of beers to choose from where do you start? We’re delighted to be partnering with There’s A Beer For That by including one of their beer style guides in each box of pick and mix beer sent to customers. These guides help understand and simplify the huge and diverse range of beers available and give consumers confidence in making sure they’re ordering the beer they want to drink.
Nothing better illustrates beers versatility and diversity than when it’s paired with food. If you’d like to discover the best beer to pair with your favourite dish use their Twitter tool, #BeerMatch. Simply tweet the name of a food to @BeerForThat, include the hashtag #BeerMatch and you’ll receive an instant reply. You can then order that very beer from Beers of Europe.
For further information on the wonderful world of beer have a look at Beer Explorer, their interactive guide to the best beers in Britain, where you can browse beers by name, style, flavour, food match and brewery. Or sign up to our newsletter and have monthly updates direct to your inbox.
(At the time of this post we have 500 guides available. If the guides prove to be a success we hope to include one in all are boxes in the future.)