Find Your Perfect Gin This Ginuary

Find Your Perfect Gin This Ginuary

What is ‘Ginuary’?

Officially celebrated on the 9th January 2021, Ginuary is a month-long festival of all things gin! Steep yourself in the popular juniper-based spirit this month for the antidote to ‘dry January’, or use this event as an excuse to expand your gin repertoire and try something new.

In the spirit of discovery, this Ginuary we’re bringing you a selection of our favourite British gins and how to drink them. Whether you’re a seasoned sipper or taking your first step into the world of gin, we’ve got something for every taste.  Read on to find your perfect gin, or simply learn more about the wide variety of modern gins out there now.

Find Your Perfect Gin This Ginuary

Whatahoot Dry Gin

1. Classic dry gin flavour profile – WhataHoot Signature Dry Gin

Norfolk distillery WhataHoot has developed this classic dry gin, leaning heavily on the iconic gin botanicals of juniper, coriander and citrus. However, in a nod to it’s Norfolk heritage, the distillers have also added locally-harvested sea samphire and lavender giving the gin a subtle floral hint.

The gin is incredibly smooth, with a delicate balance of zesty citrus, peppery juniper and floral lavender.
How to drink WhataHoot Signature Dry Gin
WhataHoot Signature Dry Gin is perfect for a classic Gin & Tonic. Pair with premium Indian tonic water and a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice over plenty of ice – cheers!

Bullards Old Tom Gin

2. For a slightly sweeter palate – Bullard’s Old Tom Gin

If you like the flavour of gin, but find a classic London Dry Gin a little too dry, Old Tom could be the gin for you! Old Tom was popular during the Gin Craze of the 18th century and is sweetened with a small amount of sugar.

Bullard’s Old Tom Gin is subtly sweetened with Norfolk honey, giving it a smooth, floral sweetness with juicy mango notes. The honey sweetness is balanced with pink grapefruit, and spice notes from a pinch of pink peppercorn.

How to drink Bullard’s Old Tom Gin
Bullard’s Old Tom Gin is perfect for a simple, yet refreshing Tom Collins cocktail. With only four ingredients, this classic cocktail is the ideal showcase for an Old Tom gin.

Shake two parts Bullard’s Old Tom Gin with one part freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a half-measure of sugar syrup. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice, top up with soda water and stir. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange for a simple, refreshing cocktail that allows the gin to shine through.

The English Drinks Co Pink Gin

3. Fun and fruity – The English Drinks Co Pink Gin

If you prefer a fruity gin, or you’re just a lover of anything pink, this is the gin for you! The English Drinks Company Pink Gin is a delicate rose-pink colour. The flavour perfectly balances juniper with fruity pomegranate and strawberry.

The flavour is an excellent balance of bitter and fruity-sweet, with delicious floral notes. A great introduction to gin, or a go-to for those with a sweeter tooth.

How to Drink The English Drinks Co Pink Gin
Pink gin is a versatile spirit and can be substituted for London Dry Gin in a gin and tonic. However, why not try a pink gin spritz? Add a measure of The English Drinks Co Pink Gin to a large wine glass over ice, and half-fill with lemonade or soda water, depending on how sweet you like it. Top up with Prosecco and garnish with fresh strawberries and pomegranate for a beautiful pink cocktail, ideal for summer drinks in the garden.

Boe Violet Gin

4. Vibrant purple gin, perfect for a party – Boë Violet Gin

If you like to stand out from the crowd, Boë Violet Gin is bound to get you noticed. With its eye-catching violet colour, it’s the perfect conversation starter at any party or gathering. The flavour is unique too, with the addition of violet flowers to give a light, floral flavour and aroma.
Boë Distillery is named after Franz de la Boë who supposedly invented gin in 1658 – how’s that for a conversation starter!

How to drink Boë Violet Gin
If you fancy something a little more experimental, why not try the ‘Boë Disco’ cocktail? In a highball glass, add two measures of Boë Violet Gin, one measure of coconut liqueur and 10ml of lemon juice over ice. Stir and top up with cream soda for a fun party cocktail!

Black Shuck Sloe Gin

5. For a warming, fruity sipper – Black Shuck Sloe Gin

Taking the tempo down a notch, if you prefer a quiet night beside the fire to a night on the tiles, why not try Black Shuck Sloe Gin? Sweet, fruity and warming, Black Shuck Sloe Gin uses locally-grown Norfolk sloes steeped in handcrafted Black Shuck Gin.

How to drink Black Shuck Sloe Gin
Ideal for filling up your hip-flask for long winter walks, or simply sipping neat as a warming aperitif. You can also add to Prosecco or Champagne, for a fruity winter spritz.

And finally…
If you’re new to gin and want to find your favourite, or just want to sample some new flavours, why not try a selection pack? Boadicea Distiller’s Gin Selection is a trio of premium gins from Norfolk-based Wild Knight distillery.
Boadicea Distiller's Gin Selection
The selection contains one 5cl bottle of Boadicea Gin ‘Classic’, one 5cl bottle of Boadicea Gin ‘Rosa’ and one 5cl bottle of Boadicea Gin ‘Spiced’ – the ideal way to explore a range of gins without committing to a whole bottle of each!

Hopefully, you saw the perfect gin to suit your taste! If not, never fear – this is just a tiny selection of the extensive range of gins available from Beers of Europe. If you want to keep exploring, head over to our gin page to see the full range and stock up this Ginuary!