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Curry Week Beer and Cider Advice

Curry Week Beer and Cider Advice
Originally Posted on Oct 13, 2016
10th-16th of October is National Curry Week, and is a celebration of one of Britain’s best loved cuisines. Curry, meaning spiced sauce, was introduced to Britain following our… time in India and is now an integral part of our culture too. It is common knowledge that the best pairing for a curry is a beer. After all, we have always been told that Indian cuisine requires a premium Indian beer to accompany. It does make sense, try and find an Indian restaurant that doesn’t stock Kingfisher or Cobra, undeniably they do pair well with curry. This is no coincidence however, the sweet notes of the lager, especially chilled with a soft carbonation, helps to neutralise the heavy dish providing ultimate refreshment at the same time.
The idea that only a lager has the capacity to go well with curry is unfounded. Everything from dessert apple ciders through to IPA’s make a wonderful companion to your favourite take-away. The hops in the IPA balance the spice effortlessly and wheat beers provide big flavours such as citrus notes to compliment the flavours on the palate. So, order your favourite Indian dish, grab a glass and relax as we make the crucial beverage decision for you.

Beer Curry Table

Beer or cider Beverage Curry Notes
Beer/Ale Heather Fraoch- UK Korma Fresh/Light
Beer/Lager Meantime- UK Tikka Hops break spice
Beer/Lager Cobra- Indian Flexible Sweet/Light carbonation
Beer/Lager Kingfisher- Indian Tikka Masala Sweet/Slight spice
Beer/Wheat Blue Moon- USA Rogan Josh Citrus notes go well
Beer/IPA Thornbridge Japiur-UK Tandoori Citrus cut through meat
Beer/Pilsner Pilsner Urquell- Czech Jalfrezi Saaz hops refresh with caramelised sweetness
Beer/Hefeweisse Dunkel Weihenstephaner Hefe Dunkel Weiss- German Rendang Complex beer soothes lively curry flavours
Beer/Double IPA St Austell Big Job Madras Big hop flavour to take on the heat
Cider Himachal- Indian Flexible Light carbonation and sweetness neutralise
Cider Aspalls Dy Premier Cru Flexible Dessert apples cut through spice
Cider Thatchers Cox-UK Flexible Dessert apples cut through spice

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Article by Matthew Keeley-Smith