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Bristol Beer Factory | Q&A

Bristol Beer Factory | Q&A
Originally Posted on Mar 09, 2016

Are you curious to know about the people behind the beers you buy? Or perhaps you want to know what inspires brewers to brew and bloggers to write about beer? Our Q&A posts are a light hearted way of getting to know people working in, and connected to, the beer and alcohol industry.
In today’s post we are chatting to Jonny Mills from Bristol Beer Factory.

Who are you/what do you do?   Jonny Mills, Senior Technical Brewer.

How did you get into this line of work?   Combining a degree in Biochemistry from Bristol University with working in a pub led me to the Brewing and Distilling Masters degree at Heriot-Watt University.

What is your favourite beer, wine or spirit?   There’s too many to choose one, but this week:
–       Beer – our Barley Wine
–       Wine – Bella Vista Petite Syrah 2007 Reserve
–       Spirit – Springbank 18 y.o.

What do you think makes a great beer?   Fresh ingredients, brewing knowledge and served well.

What is your favourite style of beer?   Bitter, lambic and everything in between.

Bottled or canned beer?   Both. Either.

If you have to pick, which would be your top three beers in the whole world?   Again, there’s too many to pick one. I have very happy memories of drinking XX Bitter from De Ranke in Gent, Timothy Tailor’s Landlord in a pub in Leamington Spa and the Friendship Blend Geuze between Cantillon, Russian River and Allagash.

How long have you been brewing at Bristol Beer Factory?   Coming up to 4 years.

Out of all the beers you brew, which is your favourite? Why is that?   That’s like choosing between my children!  It really depends on the weather. It’s cold and raining today, so tonight I’ll be taking home Milk Stout and a Barley Wine.

Where did you learn to brew?   At the BJCP, from a superb homebrewer friend, and from a number of fantastic previous colleagues here at Bristol Beer Factory.

What is the hardest thing to master when learning to brew?   Patience.

Thanks to Jonny and Bristol Beer Factory for chatting to us.

You can view and buy beers from Bristol Beer Factory here.