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New Zealand Beer Month

New Zealand Beer Month: Discover Three of New Zealand’s Hottest Breweries  February is New Zealand Beer Month! We introduce you to three of the country’s most exciting breweries – complete with our selection of their must-try beers.

Moosehead Lager Canadian Beer

Beer of The Month - May - Moosehead Lager Founded in the same year as the country, Canadian brewery Moosehead has a rich family history stretching back to 1867. In the beginning it was known as the Turtle Grove brewery, ran by Susannah Oland and her family in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The brewery quickly became popular in the area, but the road to being a successful business was far from straight-forward. The Oland’s tackled brewery fires, prohibition, family deaths and an exploding French war ship before purchasing the James Ready Brewery in 1928. Susannah’s grandson, George, releases Moosehead Pale Ale, nowadays called ‘the beer that built the brewery’. The James Ready Brewery was officially rename...