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Beer Colour Guide

Beer Colour Guide
Originally Posted on Nov 20, 2015

If you’re new to the world of beer you might not yet know the difference in beers. One of the simplest ways to tell one style of beer to another is the colour. You might already know the basics, for example a very light yellow is a pale lager and a deep black is a black stout, but what about everything in-between? Well, our colour beer guide should help you out with that.
Next to each colour is a SRM, or You also see the SRM Standard Reference Method These units represent a scale which is a way of measuring the colour intensity of the beers. You can go into a lot more depth into this scale but for basic understanding and help for choosing your next beer it’s all you will need.
So what control’s the colour of these beers in the brewing process? The type of malts the brewer uses. If light malts are used, this will result in a light coloured beer and if darker malts are used then the beer produced will be much darker, like a stout, for example.
Of course the colours are a close guess to the SRM as it would be very hard to get the exact colours for each type but for it’s a good place to start.
There are several Beer Colour Guides available all giving the same type of information. Why would you want to use one? If you are new to the world of beer, you might like to know the type of beer you are drinking and from there, find the perfect style of beer that matches your personal taste.
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