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Absinthe Legal In The UK?

Is Absinthe Legal In The UK?
Origianlly Posted on Oct 23, 2015
While searching the web recently we keep seeing the same question come up “is absinthe legal in the UK” or “can you buy absinthe in the UK”, long story short? YES it is legal and yes you can buy it.
In fact the UK has never restricted absinthe in anyway including the creation, distribution, selling or possession of it.
So why do so many people think that it’s illegal in the UK. Well the fact of the matter is that absinthe has been illegal in several counties around the world since the early 20th century mainly due to  some concerns of it safety.
However much recent studies and tests have shown that Absinthe is absolute safe and should just be consisted a very strong alcohol. Due to some of its ingredients you should be aware that you can very easily get drunk on absinthe so please drink responsibly when consuming any type of absinthe.
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Top three ways to drink absinthe
Modern Way
Items needed – Water, Sugar, Absinthe and Glass
Simply add an equal measure of sugar and water (around 5oz)
Add to your selected absinthe (around 1oz)
Mix together
Then drink and enjoy
Traditional French Way
Items needed – Absinthe, Absinthe Spoon, Shot Glass, One or two sugar cubes and Cold Water
Pour your chosen absinthe into shot glass
Place absinthe spoon on top of glass
Put one or two sugar cubes on spoon
Very slowly drip ice cold water onto sugar cubes until its dissolved
Once sugar has completely dissolved, drink and enjoy
Traditional Czech Way
Items needed – Absinthe, Absinthe Spoon, Large Glass, Sugar, Lighter and Water
Pour your chosen absinthe drink into large glass
Use your absinthe spoon to stir the absinthe
Take out the wet spoon and dip into the sugar allowing it to stick to the spoon
Light the spoon allowing the sugar to caramelize
When the flame goes out place spoon into the drink and stir
Add some water and mix together
Drink and Enjoy
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