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A Guide On How To Survive A British Heatwave

A Guide On How To Survive A British Heatwave
Originally Posted on Jul 07, 2017
Summer in the British Isles often paints a picture of bad tan lines, factor 50 sun cream and the classic socks and sandals. We are normally a far cry from the sunshine that lavishes other parts of the world all year round. But this year, things have changed. Donald Trump may not believe in climate change but we Brits have faced an onslaught of UV waves that may just convince him otherwise. Hold on to your flip flops, as Beers of Europe presents to you our Top Five tips for surviving a British heatwave.
1. Complaining
In first place on the list comes a historic British pastime, complaining. We all do it but few know that complaining is a sure fire way of protecting ourselves from other people standing too close to us and therefore stopping us from picking up their body heat too. Unless they have a beer, in which case sharing is caring.
2. Sitting in traffic
Unless you’re allergic to the sun, chances are going to the coast has crossed your mind. Don’t worry, no one else has the same idea. You should probably sit inside your 30⁰C vehicle for 2 hours crawling at 10mph to keep the sun directly off you. It is also possible to incorporate complaining into this for extra points.

3. Sunburn
No matter how much sun cream you apply, no matter how regular you apply, you will always suffer with sunburn. We then bear our scars as trophies for the next week, to show people that you got enough sun to sustain the reddy-brown tint. Stock up on After Sun to combat the heat directly, you should also  get mint shower gel but that’s a bonus tip.
With varying degrees of success, this is a heatwave essential. If you are too hot, it just makes sense that you bring fire into the equation to help. It may not directly cool you down but at least burnt sausages and overly grilled vegetable swill stop you starving, which at the end of the day is also a priority. Also, a great excuse to bring friends together for a beer.

Now then, science will tell you that staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to survive a heatwave and while water is the most effective, it is also bland. You’ve had a hard day complaining about your sunburn whilst in traffic on the way to a family barbeque, you deserve a something a little more rewarding. Our range of refreshing sweet ciders, crisp lagers, sparkling wines and isotonic alcohol frees are guaranteed to get you through the heatwave.