Lithuanian cider is very unique in taste, varying far from the traditional ciders made in Britain in France. The Lithuanian cider market is dominated by three companies which have an 80% share overall. Over the past few years more and more people have been drinking cider in Lithuania, particularly younger people who drink it socially when they go out in the evenings.

Traditional Lithuanian cider
Fruit flavoured ciders are particularly popular in Lithuania, with some of the top flavours being pear, strawberry and cherry. Lithuanian flavoured ciders are a great alternative to beer, especially if you prefer something that is easy to drink and refreshing. Most Lithuanian ciders contain around 4.6% alcohol and are usually produced using traditional methods and natural fermentation processes that take around two months to complete.

Lithuanian holiday traditions
Kucios is the name for Lithuania’s traditional dinner which takes place on Christmas Eve. It is an occasion which encourages families to get together and enjoy a hearty meal. Home-made cider is usually produced as it goes particularly well with traditional Lithuanian food.

In some regions of Lithuania it is traditional for apples to be placed on dining tables on December 24th as it is said to be the feast day of Adam and Eve. After the meal has finished the oldest female will take one of the apples, cut it up to share and feed the first piece to her husband. This ritual symbolises Eve giving Adam the first apple.

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