Apples are an integral part of Irish culture and have been used to make cider for at least two thousand years. The first mention of cider making in Ireland was in a text from the twelfth century, however it is thought that the farmhouse cider making industry didn’t become properly established until the seventeenth century. Unfortunately the famine in Ireland wiped out the cider making industry but it was rediscovered in the early 1900s.
The Irish put their cider applies into four categories which are sharps, sweets, bitter sharps and bitter sweets. A talented cider maker will be able to blend a mix of these different apple types together to create a beautiful tasting, full bodied Irish cider.

Craft cider in Ireland
Over the last few years we have started to see a revival of craft cider making in Ireland. Craft cider makers are people who are passionate and enthusiastic about creating unique ciders. Many of them are dedicated to only using local produce and traditional production methods to crate their Irish craft cider.

Apple and Craft Cider Festival
The Apple and Craft Cider festival is a great opportunity for people in Ireland to get together and celebrate the apple, along with the revival of traditional cider in the country. It is a family friendly event with lots of different activities going on to keep both the young and old entertained. As well as getting to try Ireland’s finest craft ciders, visitors can also watch cider making demonstrations. There you can also learn about all of the different types of apples grown in Ireland and find out more about the history of the country’s cider making industry.

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