The dunkelweizen is a member of the wheat beer family; a darker unfiltered ale created with a high percentage of wheat, which originates from Bavaria. It should not be confused with a dunkel lager; different beer altogether! As with the other wheat beers, the dunkelweizen beer has a banana-like quality, shot through with caramel; full of complex rich flavours and aromas. Explore the range of German dunkelweizens available at Beers of Europe.

Dunkelweizen has a rich heritage, coming from the south of Germany, where the tradition of beer-brewing is practically a genetic trait! The wheat beers had their heyday, some said, in the 1500s, declining in popularity as barley became more commonly used, but post World War II saw a reversal of fortunes and today wheat beers make up a notable percentage of all beer produced not only in Bavaria, but across the whole of Germany.

To get the signature dark colour and caramel qualities, the dunkelweizen beer is brewed with wheat making up at least 50% of the malted cereal in the mix. Critically, before mashing, this grain is roast and caramelised, this is followed by the addition of German noble hopes and weizen ale yeast. 

The appearance of a dunkelweizen beer is hazy with hues ranging from dark golden to brown. There is a high degree of carbonation and a considerable head, thus a dunkelweizen is best served in a tall rounded glass – a weizen glass if available is ideal.


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