Over the years the Vietnamese drinking culture has transformed, with heavy influences from Europe. With the standards of living on the rise, more and more people are going out and spending their money on alcohol in the evenings.

Traditional Vietnamese beer
Vietnamese beer is very popular with the nationals, along with people holidaying in the country. Bia Hoi is the most famous Vietnamese beer which literally translates as ‘air beer.’ It is a light lager which is made from barley malt and rice. Unlike many other beers it is unpasteurized and unpreserved. Breweries make it in the early hours of the day with the intention of it being consumed before the night draws to a close. It is usually poured from a jug or straight out of a keg. It is a very affordable Vietnamese beer than usually contains around 3 – 4% of alcohol.

Vietnamese trends
Over the last few years Vietnam has become the home of many microbreweries. It is somewhat of a growing trend, with many of the breweries claiming that they produce their beer to the Bavarian purity law, often known as Reinheitsgebot.

Beer festivals in Vietnam
The Hanoi Beer Festival is a cultural event that takes place in Vietnam every December. It has been known to attract thousands of beer enthusiasts from all over Vietnam, as well as tourists from other countries. As well as indulging in free Bia Hoi and sampling some of Vietnam’s finest beer, visitors can also enjoy live music and dance performances.

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