Despite the fact that hops and barley do not grow in Uganda, beer is still the most popular alcoholic drink. Many of the breweries in Uganda import hops and barley from other countries or they use millet and sorghum instead. Barley can only be successfully grown at high or low latitudes and it requires a seasonal rainfall pattern.

Beer bottles in Uganda
In many African countries, like Uganda, they re-use their beer bottles. If you visit a bar in Uganda you will usually be asked to pay a deposit for your beer bottle when you pay for your drink. Upon returning the bottle you will be given back your deposit and the bottle will be taken away to be cleaned and re-filled. Although this may seem strange to some people, if you think about it, the process is actually very environmentally friendly!

Traditional Ugandan brewing techniques
In Uganda one of the most popular alcoholic drinks is banana beer which is also known as Lubisi. The Ugandan breweries make this drink from fermented mashed bananas mixed with millet, maize flour or sorghum. In order for the drink to brew properly the bananas must be ripe. To ripen the bananas quickly the brewer will dig a hole in the ground, line it with dried banana leaves and then set them on fire. They will then lay down a fresh layer of banana leaves, place the bananas on top and cover them with more leaves. After around five days the bananas will be ripened to perfection! They can then be hand peeled, kneaded and juiced. The clear juice is then mixed with roasted sorghum and left to ferment for around twenty four hours.

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