Lager is produced commercially in most African countries, including Tanzania. Some varieties of beer are also produced by tribes living in various parts of the country. In many places beer bottles are cleaned and re-used. This means that you are often required to pay a deposit for your bottle when you pay for your beer.
Tanzania has many award winning beers which are beginning to gain international recognition. Beers and other drinks like Konyagi (a gin-like spirit) play an important role in ceremonial occasions. Traditional Tanzanian beers and spirits often include bananas, corn, rice, honey and sorghum in their recipes.

Traditional tribal beer
The Chagga tribe is the third largest group of people based in Tanzania. They live north of the Maasai Steppe, on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. They are a very hard working group of people who spend their time farming the mountainsides and using water from the forest. They are also extremely intelligent and have built a sufficient irrigation system that carries water one hundred and eight metres above the level of the river. This water is used to sustain their plants which they use to brew beer. The beer the Chaggas brew is often consumed during traditional ceremonies and at parties. It can also be used as a form of payment to the tribes’ elders for the role they play in their society.

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