Luxembourg beer may not be that well-known outside of the country, but it’s got a growing following and deserves special mention for the sheer number of breweries the tiny country is home to—with a population of just over half a million there are several commercial brewers, microbreweries and brewpubs to its name, with brewing giant Interbrew holding the lion’s share of the market.

Styles of Luxembourg beer
Luxembourg beer tends to be of the pale lager variety, and it’s been the preferred choice since the country’s breweries switched from top fermentation in the 1800s. By 1872 most had switched to bottom fermentation and by 1900 there wasn’t a single native brewery that still produced top-fermented beers, and that means pilsner is the prevailing style. But, you’ll occasionally be able to find the likes of dark lager, amber lagers, organic beers and unfiltered versions, whilst a lot of breweries produce special varieties, particularly at Christmas.

Traditional Luxembourg beers include the likes of Mousel, Bofferding and Diekirch which can be found at most bars and pubs across the country, but the rise of brewpubs and independents means there could soon be a bit more variation in the styles available. Luxembourg beer is generally very similar in style to the beer that hails from Germany, whilst a lot of the local market is comprised of foreign imports (particularly beers that come from the UK and Ireland).

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