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Cesu Radler Strawberry is a strawberry-flavoured Radler from Latvian brewery, Cesu Alus. Located in the town of Cesis, Latvia, Cesu Alus has a history of brewing dating back to 1590 – and is considered the oldest brewery in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Cesu Radler Strawberry combines the bittersweet flavour of fresh strawberries with Cesu beer for a light, refreshing and fruity drink.  Pouring a bright reddish-pink colour, Cesu Radler Strawberry offers up a vibrant strawberry aroma on the nose. The first sip reveals a big hit of strawberry flavour, with a light sparkle on the tongue. At 2.5% ABV, Cesu Radler Strawberry is perfect for casual occasions and after-work treats. Buy Cesu Radler Strawberry, a light, fruity number from Latvia’s oldest brewery.


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